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Cassandra Tondro

Cassandra Tondro extremely talented, ecologically innovative artists repurposes acrylic paint rescued from landfills creating beautiful vibrant abstract paintings.An artist best known for her use of experimental materials and innovative techniques. Cassandra describes herself as a "mad scientist" because of her penchant for exploration. “I'm interested in observing the effects of combining unorthodox materials and manipulating paint in unusual ways. I push the materials to the max, because I want to see what happens. I'm looking for peculiar and curious effects, and it's the process of discovery that intrigues me.”

With a concern for the environment, Tondro has a long-standing interest in developing methods of using non-toxic and Earth-friendly materials to create her artwork. To that end, she has been working with plants, Earth pigments and natural processes on paper and canvas. When she uses paint, she finds it on reject shelves, rescuing cans before they are sent to landfills.

Tondro holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from California State University, Northridge and a Master of Arts Degree from Antioch University in Los Angeles, California. She also trained at University of California, Los Angeles and Otis College of Art and Design.

Her work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions throughout the United States, and is in public, corporate and private collections both nationally and internationally.

She is a founder of ARTconnectsLA, a non-profit corporation that serves the Los Angeles area by placing artwork in social service agencies, community centers and non-profit organizations that wouldn't otherwise be able to afford original art. She is also the founder and former owner of WildFiber, Fiber Arts Studio and Store in Santa Monica, California.

I use leftover house paint for my colorful and contemporary abstract paintings--paint that would otherwise go to waste, and potentially end up in a landfill. I really like the scavenging aspect of finding the paint--never knowing what colors and finishes will be available.

Eco1stArt, home of Verdigris LLC, has an earnest desire to make a difference and help take care of our world.

Posted by Verdigris LLC on June 1, 2011

Cassandra Tondro Paintings

Anthurium repurposed acrylic on canvas ready to hang by Cassandra Tondro

Peninsula repurposed acrylic on canvas by Cassandra Tondrao

Spring Forward pastels enveloped by deep purples, greens, ivory acrylic on canvas by Cassandra Tondra

Unfolding four panel painting inspired by rich greens, reds, white, rust, coral, brown reflect the colors and patterns in hills, streams of local mountains by Cassandra Tondro

Strata lavender, gold, bark flows repurposed acrylic on canvas by Cassandra Tondro